A Three-Part Symposium series exploring the potential of a School of Architecture at the University of Saskatchewan.

In recent years, a significant amount of discussion has taken place regarding the proposal to establish a new school of architecture at the University of Saskatchewan. In order to broaden the discussion, a three-part symposium has been organized for Feb 28 & Mar 1, Mar 7 & 8, and Mar 17 & 18, 2013. The symposium series will explore key topics relating to architectural education and will allow the leadership and faculty of the university to engage in discussion with leading architectural scholars and educators, to explore how architectural education can coincide with and complement existing programs at the University of Saskatchewan.

This three-part symposium is designed to initiate the conversation and spread enthusiasm about the potential of a school of architecture at the U of S. We hope to shed light on and open the debate regarding the full breadth of architectural education and research, in order to discern opportunities to make this initiative a reality. University leadership and key stakeholder groups have been identified and invited to participate in the discussions to provide insight and perspective from their respective colleges and departments relating to this initiative.

To provide the context for these conversations, three inter-related topics were identified and experts from across North America have been invited to help facilitate the conversation and share their perspectives. This discussion of concepts and ideas will allow the exploration of the exciting opportunity of architectural education and research at the U of S.

The intent is not to establish a school for the simple sake of creating ëanotherí school of architecture. The vision is to create a truly innovative, open and relevant school of architecture that is of this place and responds to the conditions of this region with the goal of developing a school which thrives in the dynamic interaction with other departments at the University of Saskatchewan.